All About Custom Work

I'm so happy to see you here! Creating custom work is one of my favorite things, and It's always such an honor to make something just for you. My custom work is a combination of your ideas and mine. Together, we can come up with something very special and unique, or I can recreate something that you may have missed during an update. Here, I will guide you through my custom order process.
How do I order?
I prefer that we start the process with Instagram DMs. This way, you can easily share with me images, and all of our conversation is saved in an easy-to-scroll format. This is where you will share with me as many details about the custom piece as you'd like. Some custom work is very specific, and your idea of how it will look is very clear. Sometimes you will have a general idea and ask me to create some sketches to choose from, and sometimes you might ask me to recreate something with a custom tweak. Together, we will plan out a fabulous project.
Most of my work takes between 1 and 4 weeks. I will schedule your custom spot to start on a particular day, which can sometimes be a week or two out from your order date.
Custom work can vary from $95 to $600 and up. It all depends on the complexity of the piece and the materials used. As we discuss the details of your project, I will be able to assess how much it costs.
I will then send you a listing with all the details from my website. Here, you can easily pay for your custom piece. I also offer payment plans here as well. After payment you will have secured your custom spot. All custom projects are non-refundable as they are tailored just to you.
Here is a sample custom listing

Custom order for "your name here"

Necklace with hand-painted California Poppies


Pendant shape: free-form circle 

Flower: California poppy 

Background color: white with pink polka-dots

Backside: sketch of Cali poppies with light watercolor painting and ladybug


Sterling silver

Vitreous enamel on copper

Chain length and style

18 inches with a 2" extender


Time slot

"Date your custom starts" with a 3-4 week timeline till shipment

What's next?
I will keep you updated on your custom piece in my Instagram stories and even possibly in a post. Here, you will get sneak peeks into how your piece comes alive. When it is finished, I will send you a picture. If you'd like to be surprised, let me know! I can keep everything a secret, too.
I hope this article helped! If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
-Thank you! Jess